Some of these songs were recorded in 1972, but have been remastered. I think they sound better now
than they did back then. Everything is copyright protected, with specific copyright notices included in the
ID3 tags. You may download whatever appears on this page for your mp3 player or to burn to disc, but
no commercial use is authorized without permission of the copyright holder. Check back for updates.

Organic Music

Rabbit Blues

A rabbit crosses a road. Oops! (3:25)

Burnett's Bar

A tale of my dissolute youth. (4:44)

Sometimes I'm in Love

A lot of people died today. (2:18)

Big Boy

Somewhere in America... (3:10)

Louella Lay Weeping

Somebody is having a bad day. (3:16)

Drove Myself

An impromptu road trip. (3:26}

Bridge to Nowhere

Love disappoints again. (4:18}