Music from vicworld

No musical instruments or human beings were harmed in the production of these songs -- they're all synthesized. Many lyrics are in French, which also is computer generated, so it's probably bad French. Click on a title to play the song. Lyrics and translations are provided.

Le Jeune Dionysos - Another mythic excursion, with Yang Qin and Galician bagpipe.

Quartet - Four ruminants in search of fresh pasture.

Tiresias - An encounter with the ancient seer.

Conversations on L'Homme Armé - From the popular 13th century tune, for Lisi.

Window Motion - Looking out from a moving train.

Bellérophon - The one-time hero sees the end of his life approaching.

Suite in Several Modes - Mazurka, Allemande, Sarabande, Gavotte, Minuet.

Trio - Kind of an hallucinatory protest song.

Dogheart Spring - For Judy, something not depressive.

Polyphème - The notorious Cyclops in late middle age.

Three Days - Most days we manage to harmonize, but some days we don't..

Elemental Waltz - To be danced in costume, my dear.

Colchis - Medea is gone, along with the Golden Fleece.

Hypogeal Journey - A trio of woodwinds search for their roots.

Quaquaversal Tango - Do the dance of unrealistic, self-delusional love.

Leda - Some might call this a love song.

- All music and lyrics ©2002-4 by V. Gallis